Business Administration

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Business Administration

Subject Area: Liberal Arts and Transfer

Award: Associate of Arts

Minimum Credits: 60

Location: Calmar, Peosta, Online

Entry: Summer, Spring, Fall

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Business Administration provides a course of study which readily transfers to most four-year colleges and universities. College courses permit completion of the equivalent of the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in many four-year colleges. If you are interested in working towards a Business Administration concentration, take courses in science, communication, math, humanities, social science and the required business subject areas. The general education courses completed for the degree are useful whether you continue your formal education at a four-year college or enter the workforce.

This program is a useful beginning if you plan to get a professional degree in accounting, finance, management, marketing, human resources, business education or computer science.

If you plan to transfer to a four-year college, select courses to satisfy requirements of the specific institution to which you intend to transfer. Consult your advisor there anytime you have questions about course selection.

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