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Graphic Design

Campus Location: Peosta

Program Entry: Fall, Spring, Summer

Award: Associate of Applied Science


The Graphic Design program is a design-based educational program that equips students with skills and materials necessary to compete for professional design positions upon graduation. Additionally, students are well-prepared to major in design, marketing, communications or journalism if they choose to continue their education.

Graphic Design

Admissions Requirements:

  • Submission of your official high school transcript with ACT score.
  • Submission of transcript from any college or university previously attended.
  • Completion of ACCUPLACER assessment if necessary.

Graphic Design

Academic Requirements:

Minimum Credits: 70

View the printable Ed Plan.

Term 1
BCA:112 Intro to Data Processing OR 3.0
BCA:212 Intro to Computer Business Apps 3.0
GRA:109 History of Graphic Design 2.0
GRA:139 PhotoShop 3.0
GRA:151 Web Design 3.0
GRA:179 Publication Software 3.0
* General Education Elective 3.0


Term 2
GRA:110 Graphic Arts Principles 3.0
GRA:129 Illustrator 3.0
GRA:154 Advanced Web Design 3.0
GRA:158 Web Multimedia 3.0
GRA:230 Exploring Photography 2.0


Term 3
ART:101 Art Appreciation OR 3.0
ART:203 Art History I OR 3.0
ART:204 Art History II OR 3.0
DRA:112 American Film 3.0
ART:120 Two-Dimensional Design OR 3.0
ART:133 Drawing I 3.0
* General Education Elective 3.0


Term 4
GRA:113 Electronic Prepass and Printing 2.0
GRA:173 Typography 3.0
GRA:210 Graphic Layout and Design 3.0
GRA:223 Exploring Illustration 2.0
MKT:110 Principles of Marketing OR 3.0
MKT:150 Principles of Advertising 3.0
* General Education Elective 3.0


Term 5
GRA:273 Advanced Typography 3.0
GRA:310 Advanced Graphic Layout and Design 3.0
GRA:801 Graphic Design Portfolio Seminar 2.0
GRA:805 Graphic Design Occupational Experience 3.0
* General Education Elective 3.0


Two Communication Electives: ENG:105 and SPC:112
One Math/Science Elective: MAT:102, MAT:744, transfer-level BIO, CHM, ENV, MAT, PHS, PHY
One Sociology/Psychology Elective: PSY:111, PSY:112, PSY:251, SOC:110, SOC:208

Graphic Design

Employment Information:

Iowa Workforce Development Estimated Salary

$25,093 - $36,998

Iowa Workforce Development Estimated Annual Openings (Statewide)


Employers NICC Alumni

AJG Times 3, Dubuque, IA
Fidelity Bank & Trust, Peosta, IA
McGraw Hill, Dubuque, IA
Micka Lenz, Waukon, IA
The Stevens Company and Evergreen Construction, Dubuque, IA
Volt Design and Tech Services, Cedar Falls, IA

Sample Job Titles

Customer Service Representative
Graphic Designer/Illustrator
Marketing Development Assistant

Graphic Design

Additional Information:

Articulation Agreement

Northeast Iowa Community College maintains articulation agreements with many area colleges and universities. The Graphic Design program has an official articulation in place with the University of Northern Iowa.


Todd Ecklund
Dean of Business and Computer Science
800.728.7367, ext. 208