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Computer Analyst - Networking Administration and Tech Support

Campus Location: Peosta

Program Entry: Fall, Spring, Summer

Award: Associate of Applied Science


The Computer Analyst program offers two options: Business and Web Programming and Networking Administration and Tech Support. The common core provides you with the flexibility of changing options at the conclusion of your first semester. Combining robust technical skills with strong communication skills is important  to successfully prepare you for employment in today’s computer industry. The program is designed to prepare you for a position as an application programmer, maintenance programmer, web designer or web developer, technical support person, microcomputer consultant, trainer, networking administrator or network support person.

Computer Analyst - Networking Administration and Tech Support

Admissions Requirements:

  • Submission of your official high school transcript with ACT score.
  • Submission of transcript from any college or university previously attended.
  • Completion of ACCUPLACER assessment if necessary.

Computer Analyst - Networking Administration and Tech Support

Academic Requirements:

Minimum Credits: 70

View the printable Ed Plan.

Term 1
BCA:112 Intro to Data Processing 3.0
BCA:212 Intro to Computer Business Apps 3.0
CIS:115 Intro to Large Computer Systems 1.0
CIS:122 Programming Logic and Design 3.0
CIS:197 Fundamentals of Web Design 3.0
NET:266 CCNA Routing and Switching: Introduction to Networks 3.0


Term 2
CIS:160 Intro to Visual Languages 3.0
CIS:242 Information Security 3.0
ENG:105 Composition I 3.0
NET:156 Operating Systems 3.0
NET:267 CCNA Routing and Switching: Routing and Switching Essentials 3.0


Term 3
SPC:112 Public Speaking 3.0
* Math/Science Elective 3.0
* Psychology/Sociology Elective 3.0


Term 4
CIS:303 Intro to Database 3.0
CIS:505 Structured Systems Analysis 4.0
NET:103 Troubleshooting 3.0
NET:268 CCNA Routing and Switching: Scaling Networks 3.0
* Networking Elective 3.0


Term 5
CIS:649 PC Clinic 2.0
NET:269 CCNA Routing and Switching: Connecting Networks 3.0
NET:946 Seminar 3.0
* Major Elective 3.0
* Technical Elective 3.0


Major Electives: BCA, CIS (excluding CIS:223), GRA (excluding GRA:151, GRA:154), NET
Math/Science Electives: MAT:102, MAT:744; transfer-level BIO, CHM, ENV, MAT, PHS, PHY
Networking Electives: NET:318, NET:453
Sociology/Psychology Electives: PSY:111, PSY:112, PSY:251, SOC:110, SOC:208  
Technical Electives: ACC, BCA, BUS, CIS (excluding CIS:223), FIN, GRA (excluding GRA:151, GRA:154), LGL, MGT, MKT, NET (excluding NET:146)

Note: Students enrolled in the Computer Analyst - Networking Administration and Tech Support program must pass all required course work with a minimum of a C- grade. However, a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA (C grade average) is required to graduate from the program and the College.

Computer Analyst - Networking Administration and Tech Support

Employment Information:

Iowa Workforce Development Estimated Salary

$30,687 - $43,780 - Region 1: Computer Support Specialists

$43,763 - $61,126 - Region 1: Network & Computer Systems Administrators

Iowa Workforce Development Estimated Annual Openings (Statewide)


Employers of NICC Alumni

Cottingham & Butler, Dubuque, IA
Crescent Electric, East Dubuque, IA
Dependable Solutions, Prairie Du Chien, WI
Dubuque Data Services, Dubuque, IA
Energy Manufacturing, Monticello, IA
Flexsteel, Dubuque, IA
Georgia Pacific, Appleton, WI
Harvest Financial, Dubuque, IA
IBM, Dubuque, IA
Northeast Iowa Community College, Dubuque and Peosta, IA
TC Networks, Dubuque, IA
Theisens, Dubuque, IA
Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque, IA

Sample Job Titles

Account Focal: Systems Compliance Services
Branch Technician
Database & Help Desk Coordinator
Hardware Tech Support
IT Analyst
IT Support

Computer Analyst - Networking Administration and Tech Support

Additional Information:


Todd Ecklund
Dean of Business and Computer Science
800.728.7367, ext. 208